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About The Logo Smith: Freelance Designer of Logos, Brand Identities, App Icons & Custom Type

Graham Smith: : Professional Logo Designer

The Logo Smith: Forging Logomarks, and Brand Identities, of Distinction since '86.

Let me quickly introduce myself; my name is Graham Smith, and I make my living Forging Logomarks of Distinction, and apparently I've been doing that since '86. My logo design studio runs under the name: The Logo Smith, and operates out of Seaford, a lovely seaside town on the South Coast, in the UK.

Although I tend to focus on logo design when it comes to the marketing and advertising of my studio, I do in fact provide a full range of disciplinary design, technical and consultant services, ranging from: mobile phone application (app) and software icons for all major smartphone platforms, hand-drawn custom lettering for truly unique typographic logo designs, general graphic design artwork such as brochures, exhibition displays etc, and secure WordPress installations, theme customisation & hosting.

A whopping 25 years of industry experience, includes: graphic & illustrative design, logo & brand identity design, typography, typesetting, commercial print, reprographics, photography, marketing, advertising and a dose of technical prowess with Apple Macintosh computers (having got my first Apple Macintosh, a Color Classic, some 20 years ago).

Globally Flexible
From my design studio I dedicate my time to working with local, and worldwide, clients on various styles of logo and brand identity projects.

I have worked with clients in Africa, Australia, Russia, East and West Coast America, England, France and the Middle East (mostly Saudi Arabia).

I'm more than used to managing, and working around multiple time-zones, as well as working in collaborative teams (each member working in a different part of the world) using Skype and other project management tools to successfully work together, although 1000's of miles apart.

You'll typically see, from my logo design portfolio, that I tend to focus on the clean and imaginative side to logo & icon design: often a challenging process of simplify, simplify and simplify.

This generally results in a logo that is aesthetically pleasing, and memorable, without the burden of unnecessary cliche distractions, and clutter.

So you can get a sense of what happens behind-the-scenes, I also post frequent images to my W.I.P Stream (Work-In-Process), where you'll see all the: scribbles, doodles, thoughts and snapshots of numerous logo concepts and variations, that may, or may not, show up in any final client logo design.

Budding Author
As well as running a successful logo and brand identity design studio, I also use this website as a platform, my design blog, to write posts, and share news, covering all aspects of logo and brand identity. I have in fact been approached by various publishing companies, to write books on logo and brand identity design, but have yet been able to fully give up client work to focus on the lengthy process of authoring.

The Logo Process Articles section will provide insight into the work that I put into each and every logo & icon design project.

Hire The Logo Smith
If you are thinking about hiring me, then the best place to start is over at the Hire Graham page. Here you'll find a few ways to get the ball rolling, as well as numerous ways to just get in Contact.

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